It's tough competition for all the Electro-Swamp-Thrash-Folk artists in Northern BC, Canada. The one who rises to the top, is the guy who made a website.

The Brain Porter's got a vibe. The kind of vibe that makes you laugh during a congregated moment of silence. The kind of vibe that makes a misfit fit, and a grandma scared.

Strapped with an upright bass, a 40 gallon suitcase on one foot, a pile of pig bones on the other, and enough FX pedals to kill a bear, The Brain Porter produces a sound that mystifies anyone with any sense of "Tradition". The Saturday night festival crowd, and house concert goer alike seem to find a musical void that they didnt know was missing after bearing witness to this hot mess of a show.

The songs take humour very seriously, and take surious subjects with enough salt to burn off the original flavour. Regularily getting compared to the likes of Beefheart, Ween, and Zappa, The Brain Porter Brings his own brand to the world of unaccesably acceesable.

All the Colours of the Rainbow (official Video)

From the Album “No, You Have a Problem”

All animation and editting by The Brain Porter